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Best country for tourism on Perhaps the prospect of trapped bears running for cover may have allowed for a quick scalp, the overall conditions were not yet supportive enough to shoot for anything substantial. If not -done so already, a range box may have been plotted as depicted when the market came to attack the former highs of 1 and 2 . Note the classic false break trap when prices peeked through this barrier by a mere one or two pip (F) . But a bear, too, can get hurt in that very same break, should he have placed a protective stop just outside of the range. As contrarians laid low for the moment, this formed a flag progression underneath the range barrier (F- l 1 ) , but way too weak and poorly positioned to trade for continuation (skip the break of bar 1 1 ) . Bulls who took a shot at the flag break soon had to pay dearly for their efforts ( 1 2- 1 3). But to their companions on the sidelines, this failure offered opportunity. Best country for tourism 2016.

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