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Best countries to visit in january on Conservative traders can ignore the bear-flag setup at 5 also (flag barrier somewhat arbitrarily drawn) , but this situation does offer an interesting example of how one extra bar of buildup can sometimes swing the pendulum from skipping to accepting a break. Initially, bears had judged combi 4 as too weak a setup for shorting purposes (no follow- through on its break) ; but when bar 5 was added, this now set up a three-bar combi with better odds attached (showing bearish persistence) . As prices violently broke down, it was only when the collapse had equaled the span of the bull spike (5-6 mirrors 1 -2) that the bearish 2 1 6 Chapter 8 Recap Part I momentum petered out. As the first brave bulls returned on the scene, and savvy bears quickly cashed in on their windfall profits (temporary double pressure on the buy side) , another bear-flag formed (6-7), but it was a poisonous pattern to be traded for continuation. Of course, with the break below bar 7 far removed from the 25ema, and with the round number here working as an adverse magnet, this was a very easy skip from where we stand. When powerbar 8 flipped the flag break around, setting up the Wmiddle- part as mentioned, the climate was still very bearish. Moreover, even if the bulls would manage to position themselves firmly on top of the 25ema again, then still the market would be ranging rather than trending. Best countries to visit in january 2016.

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