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Best countries to visit in april on Prior to calling their star witnesses (the two stuntmen who told authorities Blake had approached them on separate occasions to kill Bakley) the prosecution called William Welch, a former police detective who, beginning in 1988, periodically did private investigatory work for the actor. Welch testified that in 1999 Blake requested a meet to discuss a woman he had recently met in a jazz club. The pair had a one-night stand, the woman turned up pregnant, and now he wanted something done about it. The former detective recommended paying her off, but Blake re sponded he tried and it did not work. The actor then offered Welch a blank check if he would kidnap the woman and force her to have an abortion. If that failed, he was to whack her. Welch naturally refused to have any part of the plan and Blake called him the next day to report he had dropped the idea. Best countries to visit in april 2016.

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