Best countries for solo travel

Best countries for solo travel on On the downside, bar 1 1 was a very modest turnaround bar in relation to the relative strength of the bullish pullback, and also the first bearish bar to show up in the turn (not necessarily a deal-breaker, Chapter 5 Trade Setups – Pullback Reversal though). And the pullback itself was the second to appear against the bearish pressure. To a very conservative bear these elements may have raised a little red flag still. At the risk of missing the turn completely, always an option is to wait for one or more bars to bring more clarity about. Should bar 1 1 have been discarded as a signal bar, bar 1 2 would have made for a good replacement. Following the earlier break of bar 1 1 , this was the second break in the turn to favor the bears. In countless turnaround situations, it is the second break that triggers the desired double-pressure response. Best countries for solo travel 2016.

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