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Best cities to explore on This is not to imply that we cannot short the bottom of a range, but for this to be granted, we really need to see some solid buildup first (think squeeze) . The 7-8 flag did offer some tension, but I believe it is fair to have anticipated some more fighting in the round number area first rather than an immediate break. Despite these reservations, prices did collapse and with not a bull in sight to stem the decline before the next round number was touched upon. Upon arrival, the bearish momentum instantly subsided, but the buying was done in very modest fashion. This formed a sideways standoff of the bear-flag variety, but extremely poisonous to be traded for continuation (skip the break below combi 1 0) . In a trending market, a pullback reversal in the 25ema is always worthy of consideration. But let us not forget to take into account the requirements of validity. Best cities to explore 2016.

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