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Best cities of america on This was definitely not the kind of environment that called for a quick continuation scalp, favorable magnet or not. Things may have been equally stale when bar 7 was broken, but at least the buildup to this break was about four times as extensive. We could say that the 4-7 progression was a lengthy tug-owar that ultimately proved the counterbreak above the 2-3 middle-part a failure. Note also the bearish triple-top within (4-5-6) . Taking into account as well that the break below 7 took place shortly after the EU Open at 08:00, some extra volume was likely to come in on the sell side, if only for early-bird bears to take their chances on an 80-level touch. It is a personal call whether to take profit on impact with the number or to allow for a little breach so as to pocket a few more pip on the trade. Definitely not advisable here was to greedily stay in for even more profit when the action went sideways in the 80-level, particularly with the often rebellious UK Open next on the agenda (09 :00). Best cities of america 2016.

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