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Best china tours on His father, a farmer, played the banjo at local dances and Akeman was further influenced by area musicians like B.F. Shelton, Buell Kazee, and Lily May Ledford. At seven, he built his first banjo out of a shoebox using thread for strings, and at 12 traded two roosters for his first commercially made banjo. The teen developed a regional reputation playing dances, but caught his first break when he won a talent competition judged by Asa Martin, a popular country singer, guitarist, and skilled musical saw player. Akeman joined Martin’s band in the 1930s, and earned his lifelong nickname String – bean when the bandleader, unable to remember the lanky teen’s name during a performance, introduced him to the crowd as String Beans. Akeman’s role as the group’s banjoist soon expanded into singing and doing comedy routines after another performer missed the show. Best china tours 2016.

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