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Best caribbean travel destinations on Like cardiologists, we opened up the chest of the 5-minute frame , cut through the tissue, pushed aside the ribs and laid bare the mechanics of its wondrous beating heart. As we dug in further, we learned all about price action principles and the telling messages within. As our journey went on, we picked up valuable lessons on strategy and tactics, and slowly came to see how all these findings can be molded into a viable plan of attack. Nonetheless, as much as all this can make perfect sense from the safety of the drawing board, a vital question still remains: how does price action trading hold up in practice? While no guide could ever begin to describe the true essence of what it means to trade live , let alone explain the many pitfalls and emotional challenges a trader will surely come to face in battle, this second part of the book is put in to at least give the student a fair view on the continuity aspect of price technical repetition. It can of course be argued whether six months of consecutive intraday sessions sufficiently mitigates the element of cherry-picked material, but there is a limit to what a trading book can do. If nothing else, this unique series of close to 400 charts will furnish the price action student with a massive database of annotated intraday activity. Before we dig in, allow me to point out some basic details regarding this series. Best caribbean travel destinations 2016.

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