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Best beach of the world on This chart provides a good example. Technically seen, the bearish pressure had been fended off successfully by the bulls, but the chart itself still wasn’t very bullish. And for as long as that obnoxious round number magnet had not been properly tested back, our fellow participants may have cherished similar reservations regarding the upside potential. With such reasoning in mind, it is only logical to at least have felt a pang of discomfort when confronted with the break above bar 1 8 . O n the other hand, if we look a t the facts, the 15- 1 8 progression certainly was a decent flag hanging from a decent pole ( 1 2 – 1 5) and it had lasted long enough to prove the bulls dominant. Furthermore, the bars in it had built up considerable tension prior to the upside break. In the final stages of it, there had been two bear attempts to escape the dreaded squeeze, and both had instantly failed (false lows at 1 7 and 18). Best beach of the world 2016.

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