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Best attractions in hawaii on Sometimes the most useful slope of a minor pattern line becomes evident only at the very last touch before its perforation; still, with every bar taking five minutes to complete, in most cases there is ample time to experiment with the angle, even when using the high or low of the current bar in progress. Interesting also was the subtle false low of bar 5. This bar had briefly dipped below its two neighbors but closed back above the 25ema. To bulls lying in wait to buy themselves in on a pullback reversal, a false low, even when seemingly minute, is always a welcome feature, for it shows weakness on the part of the opponent. When bar 5 was taken out topside, this technically confirmed the false low incident (bear break followed by a bull break) , while coinciding pleasantly with the break of the pullback line, if plotted as depicted. Looking closely, the perforation of the pullback line was in fact another bull-flag break (swing 2-4 the pole, progression 4-5 the flag) . It is very common indeed to see a pullback transform itself into a little flag variant on top of a bigger broken pattern. Best attractions in hawaii 2016.

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