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Best asian countries to visit on com (later revealed to be about $250 in cash, a chain saw, and some of Stringbean’s guns) were taken from the car and the farmhouse. Ironically, the robbers missed $3,182 in cash in a pocket of Akeman’s overalls, and $2,150 hidden in Estelle’s bra. This money was found by a funeral home employee preparing the bodies for burial. Despite the incompetence of the assailants, police immediately focused on robbery as the motive for the homicides. Most connected with the Grand Ole Opry knew of Stringbean’s distrust of banks based on his experience of the Depression. While the banjo player used them (at the scene police found seven bank books with assets totaling over $500,000), stories of how he flashed large wads of cash were legendary. If Stringbean carried large sums of money on his person, it was not a stretch to think he might also keep money hidden in his cabin. Best asian countries to visit 2016.

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