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We have a long letter from a Celsus, not better identified, to a recently ordained bishop named Vigilius Ad Vigilium episcopum de giudaica incredulitate. The author translates into Latin the Dialogue Between Jason and Papiscus of Aristo of Pella lived mid-2nd c., of which both the Greek original and the Latin translation are lost. He makes the translation out of a concern for Jewish incredulity; in the letter, he addresses the possibility and conditions of their conversion through faith in Christ. He uses the testimonies of the magi and of Simeon ch. 3 and OT texts chs. 4-6 to demonstrate that Christ is the awaited Messiah. Best affordable vacations in the US Celsus’s dedicatory letter is important for a knowledge of the content of Aristo’s work, which relates how the Christian Jew Jason defeats the Alexandrian Jew Papiscus in debate. Characteristics of the archaic Latin biblical text used suggest an African origin; the frequent reference to martyrdom supposes a period of persecution, thus the 3rd c. Celsus asks Vigilius, who knows both languages, to correct his translation and to remember puer tuus Celsus. CPL 67; CPPM II, 552; PL 6, 49-58; CSEL 3,119-132; cf. V. Saxer, in Storia del cristianesimo, ed. L. Pietri, Rome 2003, I 581.

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