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CANDIDIANUS Comes. Commander of the guard of Emperor Theodosius II, sent in 431 to Ephesus to maintain order in the sessions of the ecumenical council there; he also kept bishops from returning to their sees before the council’s work was concluded and kept laypeople and curious monks away. Berlin Map Tourist Attractions CPG 6257, 8668, 8687, 8688, 8689; PG 84, 595-597, 648-649; ACO I,4, 31-33, 86; ACO I,I,I, 120-121; PLRE II, 257. CANDIDUS the Arian 4th c.. Among the African rhetor Marius Victorinus’s anti-Arian works are two letters to him from an otherwise unknown Arian named Candidus: in the first, Candidus expounds Arian doctrine on the basis of Platonic philosophy; in the second he sends Victorinus the texts, in Latin, of two letters by Arius and Eusebius of Nicomedia. Various modern scholars think that Candidus was a literary fiction of Victorinus, who used him to present his refutation of Arian doctrine more clearly and effectively. CPL 680-681; SC 68, 106-124, 176-182; P. Nautin, Candidus l’Arien, in L’homme devant Dieu I, Paris 1964, 309-320; P. Hadot, Marius Victorinus. Recherches sur sa vie et ses Å“uvres, Paris 1971, 272-275; J. Ulrich, Die Anfänge der abendländischen Rezeption des Nizänums, Berlin 1994, 244-263.

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