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Benue Travel on As this calculation shows, yield and price have a negative relationship: as the purchase price goes up, the yield must go down. Bond yields are usually higher for those bonds that carry a greater risk of default. This risk is analyzed by credit-rating agencies such as Moody’s, Standard and Poor’s, and Fitch, who then publish credit ratings that act as standardized classifications of a company’s comparative financial strength. This credit-worthiness is also usually evidenced by the price action, or yield of an issuer’s bonds. Those issuers who carry a greater risk of default must pay a greater credit spread (a higher yield) in order to attract investors. Credit spreads are usually quoted as a basis point spread over the domestic government bond spread, or with reference to the risk free rate. Certain government DEBT, such as with the UNITED STATES, has customarily been considered risk-free. Benue Travel 2016.

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