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Belarus Country on.. (Note, 5). Conrad then goes on at sorne length, in blatant contradiction to the trope of invention as discovery, as opposed to mimetic copying, he has been sustaining, to explain that Nostromo (the character) is modeled in part on a Mediterranean sailor he had known in his early days, Dominic, the Padrone of the Tremolino (Note, 6). Antonia AveIlanos, the political radicalloved by the radical sceptic Decoud, is modeled, Conrad says, in part on an early schoolboy love ofConrad's, with Conrad himselfplaying the role played by Decoud in the novel: 1 was not the only one in love with her; but it was 1 who had to hear oftenest her scathing criticism of my levities-very much like poor Decoud-or stand the brunt ofher austere, her scathing invective (Note, 8).

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Once more, however, what Conrad here says reveals the degree to which Nostromo, Antonia, Decoud, and the rest are not so much modeled on their sources as radical transformations of these in the alembic of Conrad's imagination. Ln a similar way, the politics of the novel are modeled, in part, on Polish revolutionary politics as Conrad knew them in his youth. Belarus Country 2016.

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