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Beirut Map on slot and was a smash hit earning the nickname the King of the L.A. Airwaves. Seldom playing records, the entertainer wowed the radio audience with his brash, irreverent humor, ad libs, skits, and interviews with stars like Marilyn Monroe (see entry), Bob Hope, and Frank Sinatra. With customary energy, Crane promoted himself on the L.A. banquet circuit making some 256 appearances in one year. Beirut Map 2016.

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The first mate was English, from the north-west; he grew his hair down to his shoulders, and his favourite topic of conversation was his ancient MG, about which he could rattle on uninterrupted for hours. Two of the cadets were from the Shetland Islands, Sheltees, quiet, gentle, competent lads. The third cadet was from the Lowlands and was boastful and lazy. Then there was the fourth mate, who was a former company cadet who had failed his Second Mate’s Certificate twice and was sailing as uncertificated fourth mate. He was known as Daze.

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