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Catechesis in the proper sense was increasingly directed at those already baptized: children and adults. The administration of the sacraments and instruction took place increasingly outside of episcopal churches, by rural parish priests O. Pasquato, Parrocchia e liturgia nella tradizione: Riv. lit. 78 1991 183-236. Linked with catechesis, as in the East, was the catechetical role of images O. Pasquato, Biblia pauperum, in F. Lever et al., La comunicazione. Il dizionario di scienze e tecniche, Rome 2002, 107-108; Id., Chiesa e immagini, in ibid., 191- 195; G. Lange, Bild u. Wort. Beijing Map Die katechetische Funktionen des Bildes in der griech. Theologie des 6. bis 9. 1999. Formation in the family established itself as essential for the transmission of the faith, esp. by the parents, to whom was recognized a pastoris officium Jonas Aurel., Inst. laic. 2,16 PL 106, 197-199. Ecclesiastical catechesis of children, together with their parents, continued in church in the Sunday liturgy, through the homily heard by all. Memorized formulas were important; godparents were required to know the Our Father and the creed. Homilaries collected Late Antique baptismal catechesis, giving us knowledge of it.

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