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Beach vacations on For example, shorting below the double-bar lows of combi 5 would have been in complete disregard of the strong bull swing 1 – 2 . As was the case with the bull break, this break on the Chapter 8 Recap Part I bear side stood to invite contrarian aggression also, if not immediately, then possibly somewhere halfway that flagpole (6) . In other words, even though we may not hold its continuation prospect in high esteem, we do have to pay our respects to the strength of the flagpole itself, and thus not trade against it. The aggressive bull swing 6-7 was yet another poorly built up thrust through bearish defense, which basically rendered the pullback 7-8 unsuitable to be traded for continuation. On top of that, the entry above bar 8 was vulnerable to the pull of the 50-level magnet below it. Not much later, the 9 – 1 0 pullback invited similar concerns. Just skip these weak offers. Beach vacations 2016.

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