From the Beach to the Balcony The Sights and Sounds of Gran Canaria

So I thought I would try and find the best things to do in Gran Canaria this popular Spanish Island. I flew into Las Palmas and to it from there travelling

about by Bus from the top to the bottom. I got lots of pre-trip advice on who to travel with check out my operator! Here with some on the beach reviews helped to point me in the right direction then I used the woman travellers force to find my favourite spots when landed.

Caldera de Bandama

Caldera de Bandama is a volcanic crater located 15 minutes away from Las Palmas. Originally completed by Flemish merchant Daniel Van Damme in the 16 th century, this is a 200 metre trek down and is filled with spectacular sites. You will need to get advanced permission from the official tourist board or take a tour to see this site.

Hike Camino de Santiago

Connecting the southern coast (Maspalomas) to the North West coast (Galdar), this 75 km trek will take a few days and should not be done in the summer months. You should bring plenty of water because it is steeper than it looks, but the scenery makes the effort well worth the work.


Surfing is incredibly popular in Gran Canaria, so if you want the local experience, then you need to take surf lessons. Surf schools are located in La Cicer at the Las Canteras beach on the northern side of the island, and Pro Surfing Gran Canariais on the southern side.

Visit the Stone Age

In Artenara, Gran Canaria’s highest village, the locals live in cave houses year round. Caves are available to rent, and there is even a local cave

restaurant for you to try.

Visit a Coffee Plantation

Los Berrazales in Agaete Valley accepts visitors with appointments. At Los Berrazales, you can explore their vineyard, fruit farm, and coffee plantation.

Las Palmas Carnaval

Carnivals are a regular thing in Gran Canaria during the month of February. While simply being present for one is a blast, if you want the true Gran Canaria experience, then you’ll need to

actually participate. The most beloved part of the carnival is the cross-dressing, but don’t let that discourage you. Dress in drag to join in on the fun.

Playa Chica

If you head to the middle section of Playa de lasCanteras, you’ll find Playa Chic. Depending on the tide, there is a barrier reef within a short swim or walk. The snorkelling there is great, but there is also an even bigger element of adventure. Find where the crowd is and join them. This section is called the Ascensor (Lift). If you jump in when the waves are coming, they’ll take you back in return.

Angry Birds Activity Park Gran Canaria

The Angry Birds Activity Park Gran Canaria is the ultimate

park for kids of all ages. It’s run by an amazing staff and has activities for children no matter their age. They can play on enormous trampolines, awesome skate parks, and elaborate playgrounds. Kids can even play a life-size Angry Birds game. The options here are endless.

Gran Karting Club Gran Canaria

This go-kart club has tracks for all ability levels. It is unlike any go-kart club you’ve seen as both your young children and adult children can join and

be entertained.

Valle de Agaete

The drive through the Valle de Agaete is truly breath-taking. Driving through

the valley, you will encounter beautiful flowers and fruit plantations, all situated in a peaceful environment. While the roads themselves are a bit scary,

the scenery is not something to be missed.

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