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Bay of Plenty Travel on Between a given set of soliloquies happening in sequence at a given time in the lives of the characters, and bracketed by interludes at each end, a total temporal gap OCClUS. Then a new sequence st arts at a later time in the characters’ lives. It almost seems as though somewhere the endless interior speech of aU the characters is going on happening, endlessly. vVhoever or whatever says said Bernard, or said Jinny has chosen to tune in again from time to time on the Waves Theory: An AnachronŽstic Reading 247 characters’ interiorities, what they are saying to themselves. That seems like an extremely unlikely presurnption, and it certainly goes against what McEwan’s imaginary Connolly says about Woolf’s focus on the crystalline moment of separate consciousnesses. Distinctive features of the soliloquies can now be identified: 1. Gradually, a fairly complete characterization of each personage is created in the reader’s mind by his or her soliloquies. Bay of Plenty Travel 2016.

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