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Bavaria Travel on Don’t make me tell you again, Rick Ferguson was saying. Jess took a deep breath and pulled her sweater over her head, the delicate hairs along her arms rising in protest. Her skin started to throb, as if she had pulled pieces of it off along with her sweater, as if she’d been skinned alive. The sweater dropped to the floor. Very nice, he said. I always liked black lace. He shook the gun in the direction of her pants. Bavaria Travel 2016.

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The root of the problem was that the indigenous population, a mix of Melanesians and Polynesians, were becoming outnumbered by incoming peoples, mainly Indians, who at that time made up half the total population. When the Chinese, Europeans and sundry others were added to the mix, the indigenous peoples found themselves becoming a smaller and smaller percentage. This resulted in a lot of ill-feeling, mostly directed against the Indians. The atmosphere was strained at best, poisonous at worst. As an environment, Fiji was a treat, with its gorgeous beaches falling into the bluest seas.

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