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Bauskas Novads Travel on xiv, 346 ff. 3 If one wished to be argumentative on the strength of late sources, one might suggest that the words in Photius oi yayuowrts noiovat rw Jtt Kal tt} Hpq. Upovs yapovs (Farnell; Cults, i, 245, n. 171), should be brought into relation with those of Proclus Ovpavw Kal raiq. vportXelv rovs ydpovs (quoted above, p. 54, n. 5). Bauskas Novads Travel 2016.

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Our lack of benefits has consequences. Lack of health care for all children and parents is a factor in this country’s having the highest rate of infant mortality among the developed countries. Our rate of infant mortality the number of deaths of a child under one year of age per, live births is more than twice as high as that of Japan, which has the lowestcompared to. Mortality rate is of concern because the factors that lead to infant death are the same factors that lead to chronic problems among those infants who live. Society’s roles for parents can be demanding.

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