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Batha Travel on In these cases, there is an enclosure of common (or tacit) knowledge produced in networks (Benlder 2006) and of life-as-information (Rajan 2006,16). Interestingly, the analysis of new enclosures proposed by the Midnight Notes Collective took the debt crisis and structural adjustment programs in Africa as its point of departure. Seizing land for debt was an old strategy that in the 1980s took new forms in many African countries as part of a more general attempt to foster a wide-ranging reorganization of class relations, aimed at cheapening the cost of labor, raising social productivity, reversing social expectations’ and opening the continent to a fuller penetration of capitalist relations (Midnight Notes CoEective 1990, 4, 12). Two decades later, although under different conditions, the debt crisis reached the United States and Western Europe with subprime mortgages and the sovereign debt crisis. This resulted in millions of home foreclosures and cuts to social services that had come to be widely regarded as social commons, created as a result of past social movements and later formalized by institutional practices (De An-gelis 2007, 148). The widely visible operations of new enclosures in these instances need to be analyzed as signals of deeper processes and attempts at social and political restructuring. The bordering of the common is always at stake in new as well as in old enclosures. Batha Travel 2016.

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