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Bashkortostan Travel on No one’s here, Neil told her. You checked with the police to make sure they got their notification of trial? Tom Olinsky asked, sitting down beside Neil, his wide hips spilling over the sides of the wooden chair. At 7:45 this morning, Jess answered, wondering why he was asking her such a basic question. Obviously she had checked with the police to make sure they’d be here. She’d also called the crime lab to go over the analysis of the physical evidence in the case, and conferred with Hilary Waugh about the questions she’d be asking her on the stand. Connie’s mother, Mrs Gambala, would also be testifying, along with one of Connie’s co-workers and Connie’s closest friend. They would corroborate the state’s contention that Connie was deathly afraid of Rick Ferguson because of threats he’d made against her life if she proceeded with the assault charges against him, thereby providing the state with the motive for the murder. Bashkortostan Travel 2016.

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