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Basarabeasca Travel on ) Doubtless therefore their molpe included dance as well as song. They also make clear the purpose of their performance. The connexion between mystic and orgiastic cults and the promotion of fertility is so regular that we might have inferred the one from the other, but we are not left to do so The god is called upon to leap in the first place that the flocks and the crops may have increase, and secondly to bring prosperity, peace and law-abiding ways to the cities, cherish their youth, and speed their ships and trade upon the sea. This word leap has a double meaning. It is used also for the action of the male in covering and impregnating the female, and the word translated for means rather to or upon, a translation difficult to retain when in its present metaphorical use it is applied to cities, ships and law. This secondary sense would undoubtedly be present in the minds of the singers, though probably they thought also of the way in which they wished the crops to leap up high as the result of the god’s blessing, and by a common kind of sympathetic magic would themselves leap in the air (like the Kuretes whose action they believed themselves to be commemorating) at each repetition of the word. We can now, without troubling to collect the further scraps of evidence which undoubtedly exist, though they mostly require us to argue back from testimony of Hellenistic or Roman date, sum up the essential nature of this cult and of the god for whom it was performed. Basarabeasca Travel 2016.

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