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Bas Sassandra Travel on mail for a living. Between WORLD WAR I and WORLD WAR II, transportation technology improved markedly, not just in aircraft but also in trains, ships, and automobiles. Still, flying was dangerous, uncomfortable, and potentially fatal in the primitive aircraft of the early postwar years. Noise, vibration, cold at higher altitudes, airsickness, claustrophobia”air travel was definitely uncomfortable. With government assistance, commercial aviation began in the 1920s and slowly blossomed in the 1930s once the competition from airships ended with the Hindenburg disaster of 1937. The flying boats peaked in the late 1930s, fading when runway technology evolved from grass or dirt to paved and grooved surfaces. Modern airports such as in New York City and Los Angeles, initially close to water for the convenience of flying boats, adapted to faster and larger commercial land planes, including jets. Bas Sassandra Travel 2016.

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