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Barcelona Subway Map on In the late 1980s, Scottsdale averaged only two homicides a year, not enough to merit funding a separate homicide unit. In the absence of such a trained department, a small-time police force could well expect to be overwhelmed by such a high profile case. The County Attorney’s Office, miffed by the SPD’s failure to bring them quickly into the case, charged that SPD investigators had failed to secure the crime scene. Victoria Ann Berry was allowed to answer the phone before it was dusted for prints (denied by the SPD), evidence was tainted when it was indiscriminately dumped into one garbage bag (denied by the SPD), and the actress was allowed to chain smoke at the scene. Cops were also permitted to rest their radios on table tops. Most damning, however, was the fact that both Crane’s business manager, and son, Robert, Jr., were allowed the next day to remove items from the apartment before they had been checked for fingerprints. Barcelona Subway Map 2016.

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