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Barbados Country on It is absolutely dry and barren, except for the thorny thickets at its entrance. The narrator tells a folk story, believed to be true by aIl the poor people of Sulaco, about two gringo sailors and a good-for-nothing mozo (4) (Native American) who tried to hack their way by machete onto the peninsula to get the buried treasure in gold reputed to be there. After the smoke from their first night’s campfire, they were never seen or heard from again: The sailors, the Indian, and the stolen burro were never seen again (5). Their ghosts, everyone believes, now rich but everlastingly hungry and thirsty, still haunt the ravines and rocks of Azuera. This fable anticipates the fate of aIl those in the main story whose desires and fantasies are captured by the San Tom silver mine. Nostromo is on one level a somewhat wry and ironically twisted version of a parable or cautionary tale as old, at least, as Chaucer’s Pardoner’s Tale, with its stern moral: Radix malorum est cupiditas. You see, 1 told you that Nostramo is a fantasy invented by Conrad, with sorne help from tradition. Barbados Country 2016.

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