Bar-Girls And Hookers – Why Guys Pay For Sex In Thailand

During my time at Tiger Muay Thai, and to a lesser extent at Phuket Top Team, I’ve seen a lot of normal guys – who have never paid for sex their entire lives – go down to Patong and fuck a hooker. Some will flat out admit to it, but most guys will have an excuse on how he didn’t pay for sex or how she isn’t really a prostitute. Most will say (and honestly believe) that the girl they took home, had sex with and gave money to, was not a hooker. “Nah, she’s not a bar-girl, she’s only friends with the bar-girls. I just gave her some money for taxi fare, that’s all.” “She’s just in town for a few months, she’s a good girl. I just gave her some money because she missed work while hanging out with me” “Bro, I got it for free, I didn’t pay her anything – except for the 1,000 baht I gave her so her family could buy a new water buffalo.”

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So, why is it that normal guys – ones that could easily get a girl back home – pay for sex? It’s one thing for old, fat, creepy men with no social skills to do it, but why in the world would a good looking, in shape, young guy fuck a hooker? It’s the same reason why men go to McDonald’s when they could easily have a steak somewhere else or even at home. I honestly think it’s because guys are so sick and tired of girls playing games back home, that when they discover how cheap (and easy) it is to hook up with a Thai bargirl, they just give in. A guy I met said it best and it’s hard not to agree with him, “I don’t go through the hassle of picking up a girl and dating her to have sex with her. If I just wanted sex I would go pay 1,000 baht ($33US) for sex with a hooker. I go through the madness and jump through girls’ hoops because I want a relationship.”

It’s kind of sad if you think about it. I understand why western girls do what they do; they want to make sure they get the best guy possible and want you to work hard to get them – so they feel special and know you’re invested. But, at the same time, I understand that drives most guys crazy and why they are sick of playing those games. The other thing about Thai bar-girls is they’re really different from what a prostitute in other parts of the world is like. Maybe, it’s because most of them grew up in small farm towns, or the fact most of them are in their early twenties, uneducated and immature. Maybe, it’s because they genuinely are hopeless romantics that are truly hoping to find a nice, rich western guy that will marry and take care of them. The reason why western guys like Thai girls so much – even if they happen to be a bar-girl – is because most guys love how caring and nurturing Asian girls are: they do take care of you, make you feel like a man, cook, clean, and never say no to sex. It’s literally like every guy’s dream – except mine. Maybe, it’s because I’m Chinese-American and my first three girlfriends were all Asian.

It could be that everyone just wants something different than themselves and, to me, Thai girls just aren’t exotic. Maybe, I just really like white girls and their independence. Whatever it is, I’m honestly not that attracted to Thai girls and really don’t like the idea of being used for my money – even if it is only 1,000 baht. Even if I get the girl totally for free, and never pay a dime, I still wouldn’t want to deal with the drama. Here’s a tip: NEVER give a Thai bar-girl your phone number. She’ll call you randomly at 4am – usually drunk or on something else – and wants you to come over. One of the big reasons why I moved to Chiang Mai and got the hell out of Phuket was even though Patong Beach (the red-light district of Phuket) is 40 minutes away it still plays a big part in weekly life at the camp. I’ve had my motorbike fuel lines cut twice, and had a full tank of gas stolen, by bar-girls that came home with guys at the Phuket Top Team gym. I was advised to only keep a quarter tank of gas at all times after that, which is a real pain in the ass – still, it’s easier than getting my fuel lines redone each week.

At Tiger Muay Thai, a guy brought home two bar-girls to drink, hang out and party. They slipped him something which knocked him out and robbed him of all his electronics and money. On their way out they saw his neighbor drinking on the balcony and did the exact same thing to him. The second guy woke up the next morning and realizing what had happened got in a fight with the one that initially brought the girls home. At the end of the day, they both got robbed, lost everything, were forced to cut their trip short and go home. I don’t trust bar-girls and would never want one in my room. If the urge gets to you and you really feel the need to bang one out, don’t bring her home. Go get a soapy massage or take the girl to a backroom hotel, use a condom, do your thing, and go home alone . What I really like about Chiang Mai is that sex tourism is virtually nonexistent up here and is definitely not such a destination. You might see a couple of bar-girls, here and there, but compared to Phuket, Bangkok and especially Pattaya, Chiang Mai is a very normal city with normal girls. Out of all of Thailand, if you genuinely want to date a normal Thai girl, Bangkok and Chiang Mai would be the only two places to really do it. Chiang Mai University has tons of college girls that you could meet (and potentially date) if you hang out where the university students hang out near the Nimmanhaemin district. Or better yet, meet some normal Thai guys and hang out with them. If you go to the tourist areas such as Zoe in Yellow (aka ‘The Soi’) you’ll end up meeting a bunch of bar-girls.

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