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Banten Travel on In this final extended episode, the investigation of history in an imaginary example seems left far behind and almost forgotten. W. B. Yeats, speaking of his own experience as a poet and playwright, has, in The Circus AnimaIs’ Desertion, succinctly named what has happened in this case with Conrad too: … and yet when aIl is said It was the dream itself enchanted me: Character isolated by a deed To engross the present and dominate memory. Banten Travel 2016.

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Apart from morning sun sights and fixing our position by land if any was in the vicinity, I paced the bridge from wing to wing and talked to whoever visited, which was usually either Sparks or the Old Man. Sparks planned to stay at sea a few years and save money to eventually set up an electrical business in Hong Kong. We chatted about this and that, leaning on the bridge-wing dodger, watching the crew at work below on the main deck. The Old Man would come up after breakfast, potter in the chart room for ten minutes or so then come onto the bridge to light his foul-smelling pipe and tell me stories. He was perpetually nervous, fiddling and fidgeting, moving his head constantly.

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