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EPIPHANIUS the Latin. In PLS 3, 834-964 is the text of the Interpretatio Evangeliorum attributed to a bishop named Epiphanius, no better identified despite the studies of Morin, still uncertain whether to make him a bishop of Benevento or Seville in the late 5th to early 6th c. The only sure facts are the work’s Latin origin and its date during the period indicated. Bangkok Metro Map The Interpretatio Evangeliorum follows the narrative of the synoptics, in 62 chapters. After briefly commenting on Christ’s nativity, infancy, Herod’s persecution, the baptism, temptation and calling of Peter and Andrew, the remaining 42 chs. Bangkok Metro Map briefly comment on Jesus’ miracles and parables. The text as we know it does not narrate the events of the Paschal mystery. Its emphasis is on making the gospel texts ecclesially and sacramentally topical. Bangkok Metro Map The use of earlier patristic commentaries is constant, though reduced to the essential: for ch. 25: De divite Mt 19:16-29Lk 18:18-30 see, e.g., Origen, Comm. Mt. XV, 10-12; John Chrysostom, Hom 63 in Mt.; Augustine, Serm. 84, 85; for ch. 37: De parabola duorum filiorum secundum Lucam Lk 15:11-32, see Origen, Comm. Lc. frag. 216 and 218 GCS IX, 321, Irenaeus, Haer. 3, 23, 5, Tertullian, Pudic. 9, 11. The community addressed by Epiphanius, already aware of the Christian mystery, appears mainly interested in a sacramental discourse and a common spiritual walk. CPL 914; PLS 3, 834-964; G. Morin, Le commentaire indit de l’vªque latin Epiphanius sur les ‰vangiles: RBen 24 1907 336- 359; M. Inguanez, I sermoni sui Vangeli del vescovo latino Epifanio nei codici Cassinesi: Riv. storica benedettina 19 1915 368- 375; A. Erikson, Sprachliche Bemerkungen zu Epiphanius’ Interpretatio evangeliorum, Lund 1939; Patrologia IV, 236-238.

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