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Bangalore Subway Map on Carpenter (Type-A blood), was subsequently interviewed, denied killing his friend, and readily offered to take a polygraph or sodium pentothal test. He was given neither because police felt he possessed the psychological make-up to beat the machine and the drug. The County Attorney’s Office, still peeved over 73 Crane its perceived exclusion from the case by the SPD, duplicated the department’s efforts with its own investigators. County Attorney Charles Hyder, openly critical of what he perceived as the SPD’s incompetent handling of the crime scene and their fixation on Carpenter as the only viable suspect, called a press conference on July 20, 1978 to announce that the evidence amassed by the local police department was insufficient to file a complaint or even to show probable cause. In the next couple of years the Crane case became a hot political campaign issue in Scottsdale. In 1980, Phoenix attorney Tom Collins ran against Hyder with a pledge to take another, unbiased look at the case. Collins unseated Hyder, but upon reviewing the sensational murder, decided against pursuing an indictment on Carpenter. Bangalore Subway Map 2016.

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