Bangalore Map

Bangalore Map

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Bangalore Map on Capitalist firms expand geographically for a wide range of reasons. For example, such firms may build facilities in a foreign country in order to tap into low-cost inputs. The exploitation of labor in poor countries has been of particular concern to anti-globalization activists because it is understood 32 anti-globalization that these firms may use existing authoritarian political arrangements as a tool for guaranteeing cheap and compliant labor. In many countries workers are not allowed to organize into independent labor unions. Further, they risk physical harm for speaking out against unfair labor practices, and may be forced to work under feudal bondage conditions. Thus, what may be in the labor-costminimizing interests of the transnational firm may not be consistent with widely supported ideals of human rights and equity. Labor unions based in the UNITED STATES, and other more industrialized nations, have complained about these problems, in part, because firms often shift existing production and wage-labor jobs out of higher-cost areas to lower-cost areas. Bangalore Map 2016.

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