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Baku/Sumqayit Map Tourist Attractions on Born Jason Johnson in 1982 in a Savannah hous – ing project, Camoflauge logged a series of arrests on drug possession charges and, in 2000, spent three weeks in jail charged with the murder of 17- year-old Kenneth Capers. He was released after a grand jury failed to indict. The same month as Capers’ murder, the rapper released his first al – bum, I Represent, on the label R&d. The album, with songs like Head Bustin, 17 Shots, and Bring da Pain, peaked at Number 58 on the Billboard Rhythm and Blues/Hip Hop Chart. Major label Universal Records signed the rapper for his sophomore effort, Strictly 4 Da Streets: Drugs, Sex & Violence, Vol. 1, but dropped him soon after its release in 2001. Despite Johnson’s reputation as a gangsta, many in Savannah looked upon him as a role model. Baku/Sumqayit Map Tourist Attractions 2016.

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