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Bahrain Map Tourist Attractions on Granted, this middle-part lacked the harmonious features of the situation on the left, but at least the break of bar 7 was in line with the earlier dominant pressure (think pullback reversal). With this in mind, should we have re-entered on the bull side again, on the break of bar 7? Before accepting any wager, it is important to assess what exactly prices have to do in order to reach target. Here they would have had to eat themselves a path through the double-top cluster overhead, and fight out this battle in a major round number level to boot. Had progression 6-7 shown up at the end of a first correction, the break of bar 7 may have had a lot more merit. But now that the market had corrected not once but twice (M-pattern double top), the prospects for a substantial breakout were far less promising. Here is another way to look at it: for any trade to succeed, we need assistance from sideline companions; if there was already little enthusiasm to take prices beyond the round number when the path was relatively free earlier on, what are the odds that new bulls would want to help out with now an M-pattern block spoiling the view. (In Chapter 7 we will take up this principle of unfavorable conditions in more detail. Bahrain Map Tourist Attractions 2016.

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