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Baghlan Travel on This essay in hieratic etymology is accepted as the genuine origin of the name by Wilamowitz, but not I think by anyone else.1 After telling of his birth, the paean closes with shouts of greeting to the god and prayers for health of body and mind. The fifth and last section returns, to hexameters. It is addressed to Asklepios alone, and tells the story of a miraculous appearance of the god which turns out to have been an experience of the dedicator himself. Starting in the third person, it slips into the first. This manifestation also of thy power didst thou accomplish, Asklepios, in those times when Philip led his army against Sparta, wishing to overthrow her royal power. To succour her came Asklepios from 1 The first argument adduced by Wilamowitz is too good a sample of academic reasoning to miss. Baghlan Travel 2016.

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