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Badghis Travel on Gibson-Graham’s vision is hopeful and enabling insofar as it advocates and provides intellectual resources for living partly, if not fully, beyond the social relation of capital. But the dimension of autonomous political organization is less obvious. They pay scant attention to the common’s susceptibility to economic and political corruption. Nor does their vision of economic diversity account for what in chapter 3 we follow Deleuze and Guattari in calling the axiomatic of capital. As previously discussed, this axiomatic introduces isomorphy across increasingly heterogeneous situations. The existence of alternative economies does not mean that capital is no longer capable of working through an abstract matrix that continually reshuffles relations between economy and culture, politics, and law. In our view, it is precisely the operations of the axiomatic of capital that need to be taken into account if community economies are to become grounds on which struggles for the common can be successfully conducted. Badghis Travel 2016.

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