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Baden Wurttemberg Travel on C. Mascarenhas, Government and the Economy in Australia and New Zealand: The Politics of Economic Policy Making (Austin & Winfield, 2002); CIA World Factbook (2002). S.J. RUBEL, J.D. INDEPENDENT SCHOLAR Austria THE REPUBLIC OF AUSTRIA borders SWITZERLAND and LIECHTENSTEIN to the west, GERMANY to the northwest, the CZECH REPUBLIC to the north, Slovakia to the northeast, HUNGARY to the east, ITALY to the southwest, and Slovenia to the south. Baden Wurttemberg Travel 2016.

travel -presents the features common to families of all social levels. travel describes the features of a parental philosophy of concerted cultivation, which Lareau believes is characteristic of middle-class families, and features of a parental philosophy of accomplishment of natural growth, characteristic of working-class and poor families. The children of all families had positive experiences and all parents worked hard rearing children, but parents in different classes exerted energy in different ways. Middle-class parents stimulated children with lessons, trips, and group activities, encouraging their verbal and social skills so children knew how to interact with adults outside the home, how to present their own needs and to persist in an assertive but polite way until adults attended to these needs. They conveyed to children a sense of ease and confidence that they would be treated well in the outside world.

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