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In addition to the fact that the Easter homilies treated all the aspects of the history of salvation, two themes enjoyed special attention from the very beginning: 1 the question of where and how Christ spent his time between death and resurrection: as well as in the heart of the earth Mt 12:40, in paradise with the thief Lk 23:43 and in the hands of the Father Lk 23:46, to explain the method of salvation; 2 the reason for this descent into hell, Azerbaijan Map based on the preaching to the spirits, according to 1 Pet 3:19, to explain how the righteous who lived before Christ were saved. This theme achieved greatest success in the form of Christ’s great fight and victory over Hades, the conquest over the infernal city, the liberation of men and women from the snares of death and a great victory procession toward heaven. Pseudo-Epiphanius’s homily In sabbato magno CPG 3768 marks the high point of this development and exerted a vast amount of influence during the Middle Ages. Today it is still cited in the breviary. Psalm 24:7-10 lift up your heads, O gates! That the King of glory may come in, cited in this context, however, has a twofold function in the Easter homilies. Until the very end of the 4th c. it referred to Christ’s entry into the heavenly city the angels who guarded the doors did not want to open them because they did not recognize Christ who was returning with a humanity united to his divinity and only after was it used for the arrival of the Savior standing before the abode of hell.

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