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Ayacucho Travel on What Xiang means by this is that elaborate arrangements at home and thick social networks are at play in this process of production. These are not the only arrangements Xiang highlights in his analysis. Processes, of ethnicization, point-system migration schemes, questions of training, kinship relations, and the role of placement agencies all play a role in organizing and working the body shop system. What is of particular interest from the point of view of temporal borders is the part of Xiang’s fieldwork conducted in Sydney. Focusing his analysis on the mechanisms and legislation loopholes used by body shop operators to facilitate the entry of their workers under the Australian 457 visa scheme, he is able to make a general point about the changing logic of labor supply and demand in the it industry: Whether or not there was a real gap between it labor demand and supply, is less important; what matters more is employers’ desire for an ever enlarging labor supply to maintain the momentum in their expansion. Unlike a real shortage, a virtual shortage like this can never be balanced out, as more supply is likely to create more shortage. Thus, the coexistence of a skilled shortage and a significant level of professional unemployment can be a long-term feature of the New Economy, a feature epitomized by the routine practice of benching workers in body shops even as more are being hunted (17). Ayacucho Travel 2016.

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