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LOCATION.”: Australia lies in the South Pacific in the temperate zone except for parts of the north which reach into the tropic zone. The Island of Tasmania, included in the Commonwealth, lies about 140 miles off the south coast.

CHARACTERISTICS: This is the sunshine continent, an open, smiling land of beautiful beaches, wonderful fishing, fine skiing and good golf. Australians spend most of their lives out-of-doors. They are marvelous sportsmen. Australians and Americans are alike in many ways. You’ll find yourself quite at home down under. There is, of course, no language barrier, although you will find some of their terms unfamiliar. Australia has something for everyone who enjoys new sights, new experiences. The cities are cosmopolitan, the roads good, the people hospitable. Much of Australia is wild and uncultivated, but the parts the average American tourist visits have most of the comforts of home with the advantage of being different.

POPULATION . 9,450,000.

SIZE: 2,974,581 square miles, approximately the area of the United States. Tasmania is slightly larger than West Virginia.

CAPITAL: Canberra, a city of 32,000 about 200 miles southwest of Sydney.

GOVERNMENT: A British commonwealth, Australia consists of six states (including Tasmania) which are self-governing on local matters, and the Capital Territory and the Northern Territory. The country as a whole is governed by a Federal Parliament and a Governor-General who represents the Queen.

HOW TO GET THERE: By Clipper via Honolulu and the Fiji Islands, Sydney is 35 hours (elapsed time) from San Francisco. Melbourne is about 2 hours by air from Sydney. By ship about 21 days from the U.S. west coast.

ACCOMMODATIONS : Hotels in Sydney include: the Australia, 45 Castlereagh Street, rates about $12.50 double with bath; the Carlton and Usher’s opposite the Australia; the very modern Rex in King’s Cross area; Hotel Pacific at Manly on the Pacific about 7 miles from the city; Astra Hotel at Bondi Beach 7 miles away; Glen Ascham at Darling Point, ten minutes from town; the Wentworth on Lang Street, which is quiet and conservative, rates about $11.50 double with bath.

Hotels in Melbourne include: Australia Hotel, 266 Collins Street, modern and good, single with shower about $6.75; Menzies Hotel, 509 Bourke Street, about $9 per day single with bath; Savoy Plaza Hotel, 122 Spencer Street, $9 per day with bath; Windsor Hotel, Spring Street, is quiet and conservative, rates about $7.25 single with bath; the Chevron, 519 Kilda Road, is just outside the city about six minutes away, has tennis courts and swimming pool, attractive rooms. Just off the beach: Prince of Wales Hotel, well appointed. The Federal, Collins and King Streets, is a commercial-type hotel, $4.25 single, the Oriental, 41 Collins Street, conveniently near theaters and shops, $5.60 single. All of these, except the Australia, include breakfast in prices quoted. Note that hotel reservations should be made well in advance, particularly during spring racing season from September to November.


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