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AUSPICIUS of Toul d.487490. A person of vast culture, appointed bishop of Toul ca. 472.

Sidonius Apollinaris, his friend and correspondent, praises him in a letter to Comes Arbogastes of Trier see Ep.7,17, 3, and wrote a letter to Auspicius himself Ep.7,11, 10 from exile in 475476.

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We have an Epistula metrica of Auspicius's, one of the first significant examples of the genre; it is addressed to Arbogastes between 475480 and gives him a program of Christian behavior how to avoid cupidity and avarice and government respect bishops. The letter's perspective is pastoral; the style is somewhat elegant and varied, characteristically aristocratic. Auspicius died ca.

487490 and was buried at St. Mansuy, where his body was rediscovered in 1107. His feast is 26 February originally 8 July.


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