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Auckland Travel on Since the establishment of the first sezs in the Dengist period, there has been a multiplication of zones with special status, ranging from free trade to development zones. A multilevel system of filters, connections, and disconnections is the result of this zoning activity. At stake has been an attempt to combine different paces of economic development, articulate heterogeneous regimes of governmentality, and manage the practices of mobility that traverse these overlapping and hierarchized spaces. These zones and the multiple border technologies associated with their establishment and management have also been reproduced in the course of China’s projection of economic power outward, in Africa and elsewhere (Brautigam and Tang 2011). In Pun’s study of women factory workers in Shenzhen, we find a striking analysis of the ways the proliferation of internal borders operates to create the workforce on Shenzhen’s production lines. Pun emphasizes the way in which the hulcou system, with its differentiation between permanent, temporary, and illegal residents (subject to deportation until 2003), renders the condition of migrant workers structurally fragile. Combined with the requirement for factories to register and pay the Shenzhen Labor Bureau for the labor certification of their workers, this, system provides population and labor control that favors global and private capital (2005, 5)- Workers become dependent on the company for their legal presence in the sez and this, in turn, institutes further bordering practices at the moment of selection and hiring, such as controls for language ability, marital status, nimble fingers, as well as general attitudinal qualities (established through probing interview techniques) such as politeness, honesty, and obedience (53)- Pun shows how these factors produce the Shenzhen female working subject as a transient presence, usually laboring in this context for no more than four or five years. Auckland Travel 2016.

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