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Attractions in maui on But even with these countermeasures in place, days may still go by without a single trade running to target, or even being offered in conservative fashion-such can be the nature of a stale environment. Yet if you can see past the foolish notion of needing to score profit on a daily basis and instead look upon your business from, say, a monthly perspective (or yearly, for that matter) , the prospects for decent returns are seldom very bleak, even in poor conditions. So why adjust at all? It’s hard to speak for another, but whenever a persistently harsh environment starts to weigh heavy on a trader’s psyche, affecting also the way the opportunities that do occur are perceived, it might indeed pay to explore some tried-and-tested alternatives. The reader will recall that the 5-minute chart merely served a vehicle role for price action illustrations and strategy design. If we so desire, we should have little difficultY transposing our earlier findings to a faster chart with hardly any need for technical adjustment. Before we go this route, it is important to understand that slow conditions do affect the faster frames as well. So patience and trade selection are still key. Attractions in maui 2016.

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