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In the Synod of Rome of the following year, the Western bishops reiterated their support for Paulinus and condemned those who consecrated Flavian Diodorus of Tarsus and Acacius of Beroea, but neither Gratian nor Theodosius were interested in reopening the case and the Roman condemnations remained ineffective. Atlanta Map Tourist Attractions Ten years later, Paulinus’s death reopened the question, and the bishops meeting at Capua invited Flavian to present himself to the council, but the Antiochene prelate, enjoying the favor of Theodosius and the Eastern episcopate, excused himself from going to Capua for his poor health and the danger of traveling in winter. Nothing remained for the Western bishops but to make a general appeal to the parties for harmony and, through Ambrose, Theophilus of Alexandria and the Egyptian bishops were charged with reaching a solution, which the bishop of Rome would then have to ratify Ambr., Ep. 70, 6-7: CSEL 82,5-6. Theophilus convoked the parties, but Flavian, strongly supported by Theodosius, did not appear. The schism despite enduring dissent in the Antiochene community was definitively concluded with the death of Evagrius, in 382, before he was able to consecrate a successor. Bonosus of Serdica. The council also took up the doctrine of Bonosus of Serdica. We are informed of his doctrine by a synodal letter, written probably by Ambrose or by Siricius Ambr., Ep. 71: CSEL 82, 7-10. Bonosus denied the perpetual virginity of Mary, whom he claimed had other children besides Jesus. The synodal letter reveals that the Council of Capua had delegated the bishops finitimi neighboring bishops, particularly the Macedonians, and Anisius of Thessalonica, Roman plenipotentiary with supermetropolitan powers over Illyricum, to judge the dispute between Bonosus and his accusers. Bonosus’s condemnation is attested by the correspondence of Innocent I, who on various occasions concerned himself with the validity of the ordinations conferred by the bishop of Serdica PL 20,519- 21; 531-535; 619.

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