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Pasquato, v. Agostino: J. Gevaert ed., Diz. di Cat., 23-25. In summary, in this period the communal liturgies were of primary importance, to which was added particular instruction, including that by lay teachers: from this derived the primacy of listening for catechumens. Penitential rites e.g., the taking off of the tunic of skins, which was then placed under one’s feet were added for competentes in Lent, and scrutinies against the power of demons. Catechesis varied from place to place, although the creed was always explained in secret. The consignment of the Lord’s Prayer could take place before baptism, or during the octave of Easter V. Saxer, op. cit., Atlanta Map 381- 416; G. Cavallotto, Catecumenato, 164-194. V. In the national churches and in the barbarian kingdoms: 6th-7th c. The 6th c. saw the increasing division between Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages, between the Eastern and Western churches, but it also saw the establishment of links between the institutions of the ancient church and those of the medieval church. With the barbarian kingdoms, the national churches were established, in which the catechumenatediscipleship gradually ceased as an institution, remaining almost solely as a collection of rites, which expanded and tended to be in close relation with the celebration itself of the sacraments of Christian initiation, conferred not only at Easter but also on other solemnities and on the feasts of the saints. The majority of those baptized were children, to whom the term catechumenus is often referred, leading to the new figure of the godfather, who is no longer the guarantor of the baptizand’s conversion but is his closest teacher. The godfather, therefore, had to know the credo, the Pater Lord’s Prayer and the Christian virtues G. Groppo, Patristica catechesi: J. Gevaert ed., Diz. di Cat., 485. Instruction for catechumens was addressed to all the faithful in the community liturgy. The ancient prayers, including some passages of catechesis, were collected in sacramentaries or collections of blessings.

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