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Aswan Travel on The evidence tends rather to the conclusion, as this book has tried to bring out, that even the most ordinary and undistinguished sections of the population acquiesced to a remarkable degree in the legacy of Homer and the state religion founded upon it. To some of the best spirits of the age it was certainly failing to give satisfaction, and considering the poverty of the epic in religious ideas it is not surprising that there were those who wrished to supplant it. It was conceivable to do so from other motives than material poverty and lack of privilege. But whatever the religion was, if it were expressly setting itself up against Homer (a thing unthinkable to most Greeks) it would be neccssary for it to establish a hearing by demonstrating that its prophet possessed an authority at least equally venerable. Moreover, as far as the Orphics are concerned, we have already seen in the second section of this chapter other reasons why they chose to consider themselves inspired by Orpheus, which have nothing to do with any attempt to rival Homer. The second wave consists of an interesting historical argument. There is evidence for the patronage of Orphic writers by Pcisis-tratos and his family at Athens. Aswan Travel 2016.

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