Asuncion Map

Asuncion Map

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Asuncion Map on There is little hope of finding a single theoretical or administrative frame that can contain figures as diverse as Haitian and Cuban refugees, Chinese internal migrants, clandestine African workers in Italy, or the many people in transit across the world’s migratory routes. Nonetheless, the slogan No one is illegal and the heated debates it occasioned managed to highlight a common thread that runs through the experiences and many struggles of migrants subjected to various degrees of illegalization. Aside from the many legal angles and frames in which such ^legalization is established, the popular figure of the illegal migrant has grabbed the imagination (and fears) of governments, media, and publics throughout the world. While legal systems, in all their plurality, tend to label particular acts or conduct as illegal, this popular figure is distinguished by the fact that the label of illegality extends to its embodied subjectivity. To contest the attribution of this label is not just to strike against the myriad and sometimes microscopic prejudices that surround such naming but also to question the legal mechanisms responsible for the production of the figure of the illegal migrant. This is why such contestation has assumed a prominence and radicality across many different scenarios. In its simplicity, the slogan No one is illegal nicely captured this radicality. Asuncion Map 2016.

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