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Astara Travel on The most direct way to get a pint of blueberries, for example, is to go into the woods and pick the blueberries. A more roundabout way is to plant some seeds, tend to the plants, and then to pick the blueberries. Böhm-Bawerk followed in the grand tradition of Austrian economics in incorporating the element of time into the notion of capital. It is easy to see in this example that the period of production is lengthened by the planting of the seeds and then tending to the plants. We can then think of an average period of production. In this process of making production more roundabout, original factors of production, land, and labor are converted and stored into capital, which is later used to make consumer goods. The capital inputs are thus encapsulated within the production of a consumer good for some average period. Astara Travel 2016.

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