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Asian tours on Since currencies are not traded on a centralized exchange, transaction data is bundled in bits and pieces from all over the globe and the way this is done is likely to differ from one provider to the next. Should you work with another provider, you may have to alter your tick setting to a different number to resemble the charts shown, but close is always good enough. (And perhaps your preference goes out to another chart pace anyway, slower or faster.) In any case, there exists no such thing as a superior time or tick frame. More important is to use a setting that sits well with your personal idea of pleasant charting and trading. When experimenting with a new setting, of whatever kind, it is essential to allow yourself sufficient time to obtain a good feel for the new market pace. When you have limited access to historical data, it is much advised to take screenshots of relevant market situations and to file them for future reference. Asian tours 2016.

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